Mordecai Inc. is a creative innovation consultancy, focused partnerships, strategy, and monetization to build out campaigns, content, brands, and ventures for our clients.


Providing cultural, creative, innovation and strategic partnerships, Mordecai Inc. fosters and cements ecosystems for brands to thrive, revenue to reputation, in today's marketplace.

Bringing business sense to revolutionary marketing and growth models, offering innovation and project roadmaps alongside intelligence allows our clients to take smart, aware, impactful actions.  

Creating authentic sustainable strategies across major, minor, & lifestyle partners for branded content/campaigns, plus a global awareness that taps into emerging and creative spaces Mordecai Inc solutions offer clients increased reach and return.   

Specific Services Include:  Brand Partnerships, Global Ideation, Creative Direction, Strategic Relationships, Innovation, Qualitative Research & Intelligence, Creative Services.

Founded by Mordecai

Portfolio here.  Case Studies available by request.  

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